How Soul Retrievals can alter our lives in a powerful way…

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I just finished teaching a level 3 Healing School where we journeyed through meditation and with our spirit guides to other dimensions to retrieve parts of our soul which will really help enhance our experience in this lifetime.  Up until the last few months, I have always journeyed to retrieve parts of our Soul that has left us in this lifetime.  These parts of our soul left us because we were not living into what they represented.  For example, if  our soul wanted to live a life of joyfulness or fun, and instead we took up the role of responsibility and seriousness, the part of our soul which wanted to experience joyfulness or fun would leave us after awhile. 

What I am also discovering now is we can journey to other parallel  lifetimes we are living and welcome in parts of our Soul that didn’t incarnate with us into this lifetime, but can really help us to  live our lives more expansively and powerfully. 

For example, in one of the lifetimes I journeyed to, my soul was living the life of a doctor who was advancing heart surgery.  What I noticed about this lifetime, was the doctor had no issues in disseminating any information that she felt would truly help people.  Because of this belief, the doctor didn’t censure or worry about if this information was helpful.  She just had a passion to get out her new work and beliefs around heart surgery.    I was impressed with her motivations for sharing her knowledge to anyone who would listen.   I asked for this energy to flow into my current life.  I realize this energy will be really helpful for me to get over the beliefs I hold in disseminating information.  Now I have a new way of holding what I know and how to get what I know out to the world quickly.  By bringing this energy into my life from this parallel lifetime, I am changing the filters I use in figuring out if something is truly new, or helpful to others.  I am now in the process of rethinking how I can get information out to the world as quickly as possible.  The immediate impact is on this book I have been writing.   I have been stuck on getting it out into the world based on some of my beliefs I’ve been holding.  Some of my beliefs are the book needs to be perfect, thorough, and  really impactful.  It needs to be a best seller in order to be successful.  I need a powerful agent to find a publisher to publish the book. 

Now with the new energy of having a passion to get information out into the world, I have decided to self publish.  I have been able to give up some of the need to have the book be perfect and focus on how this information can help people on many different levels.  I can stop measuring the success of the book on number of copies and focus on if it touches people’s lives and causes them to change one thing in their life it is a success.  What liberation…..!  This new way of looking at the book has given me a renewed interest in getting the book out as soon as possible.  This energy I retrieved from the other soul has really helped me to move forward in a powerful way. 

I can’t wait to go visit other parallel lives my Soul is living and seeing if there is more energy to bring into this lifetime to really propel me forward.


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Yesterday I realized one can be purposeful even in the most mundane circumstances Giving ourselves permission….

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