Reflections of women’s journeys through life….

June 16, 2010 at 9:57 pm 1 comment

I recently attended a family barbecue and I was talking with my 25-year-old niece.  She was telling me about her confusion on next steps as it related to her career.  A comment that really struck me was the one where she said I have all this ambition and I’m not sure where to focus it. 

 As I sat there listening to her, I was catapulted back to a time when I was in my 20’s.  I was working in a high technology company and enjoying what I was doing.  It seemed every 18 months I was offered new positions.  I made my choice to take the new jobs not on a long-range plan or a goal but  primarily on what seemed to be interesting and challenging to me.  I have since discovered, through my long and winding career, that life unfolds and almost in spite of ourselves, most of the time we land exactly where we need to be if we go with the flow of life and opportunities.  I often look back and reflect on how so many of my earlier experiences in corporate life really prepared me for what I am doing now.  And I look at those early experiences and think about how I used my spiritual gifts in the jobs I had, not consciously, but because the job required me to have a knowing beyond my conscious knowledge. 

Spirit works with us in so many ways to help us connect and experience  our soulful and purpose filled journeys.

What I learned….. is not to stress, look for opportunities to present themselves and in the meantime, do what you love.   There are no really bad choices, some will get us to our spiritual destination faster than others.   However, with spirit guiding us and our intentions clear on what we would like to experience in life, the journey is the fun – enjoy it.  The destination…well who knows where we will end up!


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  • 1. Allison Skye  |  June 26, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Reflecting on a past comment you made. Fear of change can be difficult. Living a life of not doing what you love to do can be fearful and unfulfilling. Listening to Spirit and making change is a trustful process, a believing in yourself process and cannot be forced. There may be days when you feel nothing is moving forward and you are just waiting. Waiting is part of the process and a miracle will appear, whether large or small and change occurs. I hope and continue to listen that the path I am on will become more clear on where I am and where I am going. Thank you and I did contact your school.


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