Yesterday I realized one can be purposeful even in the most mundane circumstances

January 7, 2010 at 1:40 pm Leave a comment

I walked into my kitchen and realized I needed to finish cleaning it up.  I went by the Christmas tree and thought it needed to come down, so I started to take all the lights off.  I looked around and thought time to put away all the Christmas presents… and the list went on.  I did all the tasks I saw in front of me continuing to push out my time for meditation.  At one point I realized the kids were going to be home within the hour.   I had a choice to make, go meditate now or finish getting the house back in shape after the holidays.  I chose both!  I decided I could take down the tree while being connected to my breath and each moment.  After all, meditation is about finding the peaceful centered place within us. 

As I continued my tasks, I became much more present about how I was holding my breath, my body and my thoughts.  I began to see how I could let go of the story, I have all these things to do, and begin to embrace I have a desire to do these things.  When I shift to I have a desire to do these things, I realize my energy changes.  I have a desire, because I like a clean neat house, not that I always get it.  But the neatness of the house settles me.  It allows me to flow throughout the rooms feeling calm and centered.  I was now connected to my purpose of why I wanted the house picked up, not connected to the “should” of it.  The house should be picked up.  Once I realized the benefit of the house being neat for me, my breath released, I stopped holding it in as I was doing my tasks.  How many of us hold our breaths or take shallow breaths as we go about our work in life.  Breath is our connection to spirit.  It gives us energy.  The deeper we breath the more in touch with ourselves we become. 

Iam practicing a new discipline of meditation… it is called housework meditation!   Housework is such an old fashioned term, but we all do it to keep our places we live in functioning.  I spend easily 2 – 3 hours a day, cleaning, arranging and organizing.  How can I make those hours count for me.  I am now breathing deeply, connecting to the purpose of why I am doing the task I am doing and looking at the benefits to me of doing these things….Housework has taken on a new meaning for me.


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