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June 16, 2010 at 9:36 pm 9 comments

Peru Reflection

There has been a lot of discussion around how many trips this has been for myself and some of my frequent companions to Peru.  Is this our 5th, 6th or 8th trip.  We cannot figure out a date of our first journey.  So much has changed in the years we have been coming to Peru.  We have changed, the environment in which we live in has changed, our personal circumstances has changed and Peru itself has changed.  The land has changed and it has become a huge tourist destination.  More people are speaking English.  In all the years I have been going I would love to say my Spanish has improved, but I am hopeless in the spoken language department.  Languages just are not my gift.  Thank God I can connect telepathically to understand what is going on around me.  However, sometimes it is nice to feel so out of control.  To trust someone else will speak on your behalf or make requests to support what you need or want in life.

I can speak of my journeys in terms of the groups I have traveled with, in terms of my personal breakthroughs, in terms of the passing of one of our beloved shaman and a disconnect with another shaman.  I can speak about Peru in terms of the beauty of the places and how many times I have traveled to Machu Picchu.

A more difficult way to speak about my journeys to Peru is around the impact the trips have had on my life.  It is nearly impossible to go through so many ceremonies (almost one if not two a day) and come home unchanged.  My perspective on life has shifted mostly subtly, my powers as a healer, reader, channeler and traveler between the different veils of planets and lifetimes has been enhanced in ways I can’t qualify.

The shifts you make in Peru are sometimes so subtle it takes months for you to recognize them within yourself.  Sometimes the shifts are so dramatic, in the moment your life and perception is forever changed.  It doesn’t matter what kind of shifts you have, all that really matters is you show up to be shifted.  You must welcome in what you truly desire in life and allow it to come to you in big and small ways.  Sometimes with huge shifts that are unmistakable, and sometimes the shifts just sneak up on you and you realize you are different.  Whatever your way of shifting, it is important to embrace we are changing every moment of time.  We are not and will never be who we were a minute ago.  The minute has passed and we are onto something else, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

May 21, 2010 at 5:30 pm 2 comments

Living life from a spiritual home….

Do you have a certain way you start your day?  Some people go for a cup of coffee immediately, or hop into the shower or go work out.  How do you begin your day?

However you begin your day, I want you to back up to the moment before the beginning of your day.  As you begin to open your eyes, take a moment and connect to source.

You may choose to connect in several ways, you can visualize your crown chakra open (top of head) and white light is coming from source and filling you up.  You can say a prayer, set your intentions for the day, and you can invite in guidance.  These are all quick ways in which you can connect to your spiritual home and wake up physically and consciously to begin your day.

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Finding home….

Has your life ever moved so fast and you have gone through so many shifts it is hard to find yourself?  When I lead the trip to Peru every year, I think about home.  Not my physical home but my spiritual home. It is the one time during the year that I have many days to be in my spiritual home non-stop.  There are no kids, husband or houses to maintain during the trips to Peru.  Only time to be with myself and in ceremony with the shaman.  It is the one time during the year where each moment is really of my creating.  I can choose how I am going to show up in each moment of the day.  How I will react to what is going on around me in each moment.  This conscious choice to experience everything from a spiritual place, really takes me home to myself.

I try being in this place when I live in my physical home with my family.  Some days I am more successful of living from my spiritual center than other days.   However, I believe even if every day isn’t at the level of spiritual connection as when I am in Peru, just the opportunity and intention I create for myself during my days to be awake and conscious is an achievement.

We sometimes think in order to do “spirituality” right; we must remove ourselves from all of our worldly responsibilities.  When we have the opportunities remove our selves from all our responsibilities – take it.  However, more importantly and much more often, we must learn how to structure our lives and wake up conscious to our desire to come from our spiritual home every day.  What do you do to structure your life or be in a conscious state of mind to come from spirit?

I will continue ideas in my next Blog….

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Getting everything done…..hmmmm

Is it really possible to get everything done all the time?  I know I used to live with a written to do list that was a mile long.  I gave up this list years ago and said I would only have on my to do list what I could remember. I believe this helps me to stay focused in the present moment.   Well age and three kids later, this list isn’t very long!

I recently started another written to do list, as I planned to travel for work and  pleasure.  I didn’t trust myself to remember the 101 things that had to get done before I left.   One day I noticed what I put on my list.  If I were home some of the to dos would have  never gotten onto my list.  However, the thought I might die in the air and someone had to come and clean out my dresser was overwhelming.  I wouldn’t want whoever got stuck with the task to think I was a slob, so there I was at 2:00 am the night before we were leaving at 6:00 am in the morning cleaning my dresser.

As I write this I think to myself of the absurdity of this action and thoughts.  I start to think about how many other times I have had thoughts, such as if I die, get hospitalized, lost – you fill in the blank, I would want things to be this way.  If the dresser doesn’t bother me when I live out of it every day, why do I care if someone else thinks its messy?  Why must my house be in order when I leave, when in truth it never is when I am home.  Why do I care what others think of my organizational skills (or lack thereof),  or housekeeping, bookkeeping, or fill in the blank skills?

How do these insane thoughts help me?  They don’t.  They keep me wrapped up in the belief I must be perfect and have everything under control.  When the truth is I am so far from perfection, so who am I trying to  fool!  How does my need to look a certain way interfere with living my life.   Do I really want to be up cleaning out a dresser at 2:00 am before my trip.  You guessed my answer.  I give up and give over the belief that I need to have everything in order and in control.  I trust that whoever is cleaning my messy dresser after I die must be close enough to me to know what was important in my life.

How about you… what is important in your life?  Do you let your beliefs about how you should look in life get in the way of doing what is important in your life?

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Trust…. And where can I find more!

I am just coming home from vacation and I am reflecting over the time the family and I spent together.  One of my favorite activities was horseback riding.  On this trip I introduced my kids to riding.  I haven’t been on the back of a horse for more than a decade, however I find riding a horse just like riding a bike (which I recently got on after a decade as well… did I say my triplets are now ten), once you know how  to ride you just get on the horse and it will all come back to you.  However, unlike a bicycle where you are in complete control, the horse has a mind of its own. 

I am a beginner horseback rider, I’ve taken lessons now and again through the years, one summer I even leased a horse which I rode all summer.  I only did this once because I was astounded by how much time these animals required of their owners.  I digress.  On this trip we rode these big quarter horses and we went on a trial like no other I’ve been on.  In the east, the trails are essentially flat.  Maybe a few little hills here and there, but nothing like climbing the side of a ridge.  We walked across the ridge with a sheer drop of at least a 1000 ft. and I had to trust this animal I just met to gingerly, gracefully and easily walk across the ridge. 

I realized how trusting I believe I am.  As long as the environment is one I control, it is easy to trust.   However, once I am out of my comfort zone, it becomes more challenging to trust or put a different way give up control.  One thing I learned on my ride with this horse, was the more I let go of my need to feel in control and trust this horse with some gentle guidance from me, the ride went more smoothly.  When I tried to control the horses every move, the more resistance I met.   It made me wonder where in my life I try to control every move and where I have more of an ability to allow and flow with the allowance.  I realized the times where I allow, are times when I don’t believe the stakes are that high.  The times where I am trying to control more, are those times where I do believe the stakes are high.  It is counter intuitive to trust and just let things flow with some gentle guidance from myself when I believe the stakes are high.  We are told in order to make things happen we must manage and control.  My new lesson is to try to give up control, and allow myself to move gently, gracefully and easily in the right direction and see what comes to me as I move in that direction.   This will cause me to give up my belief that it takes hard work to make things happen…. Stay tune, as I journey with ease and grace towards my goals.  You may also want to try it out!

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Journeying in Life…

We journey in life in all sorts of ways.  The most obvious is when we take trips.  The last 10 days I was on a family vacation.  I traveled with my 10 year old kids and husband.  We had a grand adventure.  Every day we were doing different activities from hiking in the grandeur of Zion to the beauty of Bryce National Parks.  We went horseback riding several days, experiencing the red rock and the canyons from the back of a horse.  Horses we just met and we really had to trust because the trails were steep and did I mention the cliffs we walked across!  The kids played in waves in Laguna Beach, CA that were sometimes as high as 5 feet.  Once in a while one of the kids would get tossed around and I thought I would have to jump in after them.  Luckily, they are sturdy kids with a high tolerance  for the unexpected, so I stayed dry. This journey I took over the last 9 days was very different from the internal and meditative journeys I am used to.  However, one thing remained constant, I paid attention to staying in the present, the present moment,  activity, joyfulness, beauty and laughter which occurred.  I realized how different I was with my kids on vacation.  At home I am not always present, I half listen to stories, fights, or reasons why they can’t do what I request.   I smile when something is funny or delightful rather than sink into the joy of the moment and let it resonate with me.  I wonder how many moments I miss thinking about what is next to do or what needs to be managed, just never really being a 100% present in the moment.  I come home from this trip with a healthy reminder, we only get to live in each moment once, there is no rewind  button in our lives that will allow us to have a second chance at reliving a moment.  Each moment in everyday counts.  It  really isn’t about the big moments, because if we wait for our vacations to give ourselves permission to be fully present, we will miss out on a lot of joyfulness in all the moments in the day.

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