Finding home….

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Has your life ever moved so fast and you have gone through so many shifts it is hard to find yourself?  When I lead the trip to Peru every year, I think about home.  Not my physical home but my spiritual home. It is the one time during the year that I have many days to be in my spiritual home non-stop.  There are no kids, husband or houses to maintain during the trips to Peru.  Only time to be with myself and in ceremony with the shaman.  It is the one time during the year where each moment is really of my creating.  I can choose how I am going to show up in each moment of the day.  How I will react to what is going on around me in each moment.  This conscious choice to experience everything from a spiritual place, really takes me home to myself.

I try being in this place when I live in my physical home with my family.  Some days I am more successful of living from my spiritual center than other days.   However, I believe even if every day isn’t at the level of spiritual connection as when I am in Peru, just the opportunity and intention I create for myself during my days to be awake and conscious is an achievement.

We sometimes think in order to do “spirituality” right; we must remove ourselves from all of our worldly responsibilities.  When we have the opportunities remove our selves from all our responsibilities – take it.  However, more importantly and much more often, we must learn how to structure our lives and wake up conscious to our desire to come from our spiritual home every day.  What do you do to structure your life or be in a conscious state of mind to come from spirit?

I will continue ideas in my next Blog….


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Getting everything done…..hmmmm Living life from a spiritual home….

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