Trust…. And where can I find more!

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I am just coming home from vacation and I am reflecting over the time the family and I spent together.  One of my favorite activities was horseback riding.  On this trip I introduced my kids to riding.  I haven’t been on the back of a horse for more than a decade, however I find riding a horse just like riding a bike (which I recently got on after a decade as well… did I say my triplets are now ten), once you know how  to ride you just get on the horse and it will all come back to you.  However, unlike a bicycle where you are in complete control, the horse has a mind of its own. 

I am a beginner horseback rider, I’ve taken lessons now and again through the years, one summer I even leased a horse which I rode all summer.  I only did this once because I was astounded by how much time these animals required of their owners.  I digress.  On this trip we rode these big quarter horses and we went on a trial like no other I’ve been on.  In the east, the trails are essentially flat.  Maybe a few little hills here and there, but nothing like climbing the side of a ridge.  We walked across the ridge with a sheer drop of at least a 1000 ft. and I had to trust this animal I just met to gingerly, gracefully and easily walk across the ridge. 

I realized how trusting I believe I am.  As long as the environment is one I control, it is easy to trust.   However, once I am out of my comfort zone, it becomes more challenging to trust or put a different way give up control.  One thing I learned on my ride with this horse, was the more I let go of my need to feel in control and trust this horse with some gentle guidance from me, the ride went more smoothly.  When I tried to control the horses every move, the more resistance I met.   It made me wonder where in my life I try to control every move and where I have more of an ability to allow and flow with the allowance.  I realized the times where I allow, are times when I don’t believe the stakes are that high.  The times where I am trying to control more, are those times where I do believe the stakes are high.  It is counter intuitive to trust and just let things flow with some gentle guidance from myself when I believe the stakes are high.  We are told in order to make things happen we must manage and control.  My new lesson is to try to give up control, and allow myself to move gently, gracefully and easily in the right direction and see what comes to me as I move in that direction.   This will cause me to give up my belief that it takes hard work to make things happen…. Stay tune, as I journey with ease and grace towards my goals.  You may also want to try it out!


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