Journeying in Life…

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We journey in life in all sorts of ways.  The most obvious is when we take trips.  The last 10 days I was on a family vacation.  I traveled with my 10 year old kids and husband.  We had a grand adventure.  Every day we were doing different activities from hiking in the grandeur of Zion to the beauty of Bryce National Parks.  We went horseback riding several days, experiencing the red rock and the canyons from the back of a horse.  Horses we just met and we really had to trust because the trails were steep and did I mention the cliffs we walked across!  The kids played in waves in Laguna Beach, CA that were sometimes as high as 5 feet.  Once in a while one of the kids would get tossed around and I thought I would have to jump in after them.  Luckily, they are sturdy kids with a high tolerance  for the unexpected, so I stayed dry. This journey I took over the last 9 days was very different from the internal and meditative journeys I am used to.  However, one thing remained constant, I paid attention to staying in the present, the present moment,  activity, joyfulness, beauty and laughter which occurred.  I realized how different I was with my kids on vacation.  At home I am not always present, I half listen to stories, fights, or reasons why they can’t do what I request.   I smile when something is funny or delightful rather than sink into the joy of the moment and let it resonate with me.  I wonder how many moments I miss thinking about what is next to do or what needs to be managed, just never really being a 100% present in the moment.  I come home from this trip with a healthy reminder, we only get to live in each moment once, there is no rewind  button in our lives that will allow us to have a second chance at reliving a moment.  Each moment in everyday counts.  It  really isn’t about the big moments, because if we wait for our vacations to give ourselves permission to be fully present, we will miss out on a lot of joyfulness in all the moments in the day.


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