The power of the medicine wheel…Working the South… sheding our identities!

March 9, 2010 at 3:47 pm Leave a comment

This week I begin teaching the first side of the medicine wheel, the south side.  The side of the south represents letting go of the old or shedding our skin. 

We each live in a world which is changing rapidly, however personally, we tend to change less so.  As we walk through life we become collectors.  We collect stories of our lives, experiences, relationships and material objects, etc.  All of this plays into our identity.   The older we get, we tend to become more and more attached to our own identity.  The identity is our outward facing connection to the world.  It is what externally defines us.  Sometimes our identity is around the work we do or the roles we take on in life such as the parent, partner, lover, friend, neighbor, etc…..  Identities work well for us.  It helps us to quickly identify the importance or the place of a person in our lives.  The challenge with identities is usually we get stuck in them after a while.  The identity becomes how we define ourselves.  The challenge with a strong identity is allowing ourselves to change or to become more. 

Is it time to change your identity to hold yourself different, to let go of some of your stories that may be keeping you stuck?  When you think about letting go of an aspect of your identity, if it brings up fear, you know it is something you should look at giving up!

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