Create a compelling vision to new possibilites

February 9, 2010 at 4:21 pm Leave a comment

We are not very good at letting go of the old. Even when the old does not serve us, it is difficult to let go. The old is familiar, we know how to be, how to get what we want in the old.

When thinking about moving to something new, change and sometimes the unknown requires a leap of faith. Few adults like a lot of change. We crave the familiar even if the familiar is not meeting our needs.

To make change, we must really have a compelling reason to do so. The next time you want to change something in your life, think about what the change will bring you. Create a powerful vision of the new possibilities.  Engage all of your senses, see yourself in the new, listen to what the new sounds like, feels like and even tastes like.  By creating a compelling powerful vision, it becomes impossible to live in the old. When we have a picture of something so compelling, we have more energy and motivation to move towards it. Change is always easier when we know why we are leaving the old and how the new will offer us so much more in our lives.

Change is never easy, however, staying where life is unfullfiling is a sure way to living a life of unhappiness.

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