Trusting in the universe… can really be a challenge

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I was getting ready to run a 2 day workshop and checking in with my spirit guides to receive guidance on the workshop.   I used to get all sorts of information for the workshops I ran.   My guides used to tell me what the participants in the program needed to hear and work on.  Sometimes I would receive exercises and specific points to cover in the workshop.   The last few times I checked in with my guides before a workshop, they had nothing to give me.  Their words to me was just trust in the moment you will know what  to teach.   When I started this process, I was to say the least extremely nervous.  I kept getting the message, I would receive everything as I needed it.  However, I felt very uncomfortable having nothing ready before a workshop.   After all, I trained as an educator and an educator is always prepared.  I was trained to believe I had to know everything or almost everything I am going to teach.  So the idea of having no outline, no goal, no focus before a two-day workshop rather freaked me out… to state my real feelings.

 I have worked on trusting the universe and trusting my guides and knowing I can live in two places at once.  One place working with the guides the other in the present time doing whatever I am committed to do.  Saying this is what I am working on and trusting it to happen are two very different things.  I learned by letting go, no preparation, just being in the moment with the group, I could trust the universe to provide what I needed in the moment.

 After a very successful workshop, I began to wonder where else I could let go and trust the universe to give me what I need…. Oh, the rest of my life!  My journey now is to take my knowing the universe will provide at the right time and apply it to the rest of my life.  This is allowing me to take some leaps of faith, to do the ridiculous (a financially sound person would not have made some of my recent purchases), to let go of my kids and trust their instincts are as good as mine.  This has resulted in more freedom, fun and flexibility in my life and my kid’s life.   What would you do if you truly trusted the universe to show up and support you?  How would you live your life differently


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