What to do when you lose energy around something….

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  • Have you ever had a bright idea which sounded incredible and you decided to commit yourself to it.   This happens all the time to me.  I will have lots of great ideas for myself, my business, my kids, my family, and most importantly what I think my husband should be doing (just joking about the husband).  At first  implementing the idea is going great, however, little by little I experience the idea as being more work than feeling passionate about it.  Sometimes, I will continue to slog on through something.  More and more I am deciding if the passion for whatever I am doing leaves, maybe I was only meant to do the part I completed.  I check in with myself and ask the questions,
  • Am I tired of it because I’m bored?
  • Am I tired of it because I have fear around it?
  • Am I stuck and I don’t know how to move forward?
  • Have I lost my passion for this particular idea?
  • Have I turned the idea into a responsiblity?
  • Have I taken all the fun out of the idea?

After asking myself these questions, if it is fear related or I don’t know how to do something I go get help from someone I think may have some insights.  If I’ve taken the fun out of the idea or made it a responsibility, I will look at possibilities to put the fun back into it.  If I truly have lost the passion or interest, I let myself gracefully say I’m done.

When you lose energy around your ideas, either reconnect to the idea or change the idea.  If you are stuck or fearful ask someone to help you move beyond feeling stuck.  The key is the more flexible we are with ourselves the more flexible our world will be which will always allow for new ideas and action to show up for us.  Staying stuck in your ideas is the worst experience.  Your energy stops flowing.    

Be flexible in your life so you can choose when to begin, continue or end something.  By doing this you will always have a great flow of energy!

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