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Perfectionism… what drives us or motivates us?

After posting my earlier observation of my need for a perfect Christmas and how this was throwing me out of balance and flow, I started to think more about Perfectionism, mine in particular.  I thought I had given up on trying to be perfect.  So I began to explore more the need to have the perfect Christmas experience for my kids and family who I am hosting.  As I thought about what was driving me to have everything perfect, I had two thoughts.  The first thought being about family.  I wanted to have the “perfect holiday for them”.  What I really realized is the perfect holiday for them came from my own judgements about what I could accomplish to create the best backdrop (house decorated), meal and expereince.  I realized I was judging myself to a set of standards that I created for the holiday, no one else did.  I’m sure my family is just happy we will all be together for this day.

I thought about my judgements and started to think about where else were my judgements driving me to act in some way.  I found my judgements were driving my behavior and actions in many different areas.  I was surprised once again.  I have done years of work on judgements.  However, what I realized was I gave up caring about other people’s judgements of me.  What I still haven’t let go of is my ability to judge myself to the highest levels.  Oh well… as 2010 begins, what a wonderful place to start my developmental journey.  Looking at all the places I judge myself and figure out, how do I let the judgements go, so I can simply show up, be present and be in the moment of unfolding.

My question to you is do you let your judgements or other people’s judgements drive you?  Do you want to get rid of letting judgements drive your behaviors?  To begin, become concious of where the judgements are and ask yourself.  Do you want to own these any more?  If not, imagine your life without the judgement… how would you show up, what might you do differently?

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