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As the holiday season is upon us, I find it difficult to go to a quiet spot and meditate.  I feel the rush, the madness of the season and all I have to get done to have a “Perfect” holiday.  In the strive for a perfect holiday, I forget to work out, eat well and meditate.  It is more important to me to wrap gifts, have the perfect dinner and be prepared. I think to myself, the more prepared I am the less stress I will have.  What I really discover is the more prepared I am for the holiday, the less balanced I am personally.  Having dinners of balance bars and fruit is catching up to me.  I am cranky and not feeling highly energized.  My lack of time spent meditating or setting my intentions in the morning, leave me feeling out of flow. 

I ask myself what is most important, the perfect wrapping job, gift, dinner for 38 or to feel calm, centered, well nurtued (well fed) and in flow.  I laugh out loud because it is clearly the later, however, I keep making choices around the idea of everything getting done and being perfect.  I laugh because I thought I had given up the ideals of reaching perfection.  I find however, the need for perfection creeps back into my life when it relates to traditions, hosting and shared experiences.  I wonder how many other people get their perfectionist side fully operational without realizing what cost it has on us personally.  So I’m going to try to embrace not having every little thing done early and I am going to go meditate, take care of my body by eating well and meditating.  Once I’m back in flow, I’m sure whatever I was going to do earlier will be done faster and easier.


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